Think I Need To Get To Rehab

This modding thing is like a disease, I tell ya…

Bought two $18 Glock manuals for the grandkids so they’d keep their hands off my gear. Vegemite fingers, snot, date scratching, all that… you know what I mean. :wink:

They shoot well, but feed shite… so out comes the screwdriver, and a couple of pieces of plastic packing, superglue and after minor surgery they’re feeding sweet. Fixed the janky mag catch while I was there.

Here’s the OC bit… just had to paint one :joy:

Seems I can’t look at any blaster without running upgrades through my head. Kids are climbing the walls now waiting for their generic blue gels to grow. :rofl:


That paint job looks reeealy nice


Cheers, man… Came up better than any rattle can paint job has a right too, for sure.

I even hung it up on my wall of semi-awesomeness :joy:

At the rate I’m accumulating blasters, I’m gonna need more panelling…


Mate, next time I go in for R&R I will be going through withdrawal symptoms.

Somewhere between 3 and 6 months I end up in the PTSD ward for a rest for 3 weeks. Actually its more like a tune-up and service LoL. I can just see me toting my ■■■ bag and my old chest rig etc into the room. :radioactive: :biohazard: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: My Doc would be ecstatic…NOT!

I am just like you, as soon as I get it home, two or three good test fires, then time to pull it apart. I’ve shied away from the black more and more, opting for just plain different in some cases. The type 95-3 will be a real test. I use gunmetal as the choice of colour on any metal (barrel or flash hider) or if showing wear.

I love your wall of fame, you need a picture of you in your kit with your favourite tool framed in the middle now. Good work there, from one ol man to another (Bloody young whipper snapper) LoL.


Mate, sorry to hear about your upcoming forced abstinence… Dunno how I’d deal with that myself. Keeping busy tweaking these little toys play a big part in keeping me sane these days, so I hear ya. :+1:

You still get internet access though yeah? Getting your blaster fix through the forum would be something.


You’re gonna need a bigger…


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Yep… there’s a Steyr AUG and a Type 95 to go up there yet :laughing:


I struggle to refrain from splurging out on more…I’m still waiting for the Jeiying AWM and maybe an AKm or s to complete my wall of infamy. Do you think putting all the expended but complete looking live rounds would be too much on that wall… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: Amazing what you can pick up in the desert sands sometimes. :grin:

Call the guys in the white coats…

Two days after the AUG I now have one of these little balltearers

Having your favourite seller just around the corner’s just too dangerous :joy:


@Friendly-fire, You should have the theme song from Top Gunn “I live in the Danger Zone”… :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:


Fav seller round the corner, I couldn’t cope, I’d be sharing a rehab facility with ya.

From EVO to G18 I’ve got a couple of these too. Metal Slide and Plastic Slide variants, all 'blacked out as yours. I use a Vinyl Dye Rattle Can for the Blasters. Works a treat and doesn’t scratch off, usually, depends on the type of Plastic, Nylon, Polymer or what have you .Didn’t ‘search function’ so unsure if you guys are all over that or not.

Beautiful work again, subtle this time, plus I can see it and now a H&K MP5 and what? an AUG as well, I missed thataone, yeah, rehab required, if need be I’ll be your sponsor when the 30/90 days complete, you can trust me, I wont lead you astray, promise. :+1:

ETA - Only the top left of this bunch was Dyed, it looks shiny there in the photo but in the flesh it is far more muted.


I put a stronger spring in mine to give it just a tad more umph. Popped some foam between the spring and plunger to soften the hammering of the stronger spring.



Happy anniversary mate :partying_face::crown::partying_face::crown:


back when computers were beige i used vinyl dye to colour the disc drives, plastic fascia, monitor, keyboard and mice. love the stuff for plastic.
warranty void on $1400 14in sony flat trinitron lol

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Think I changed the colour of the vinyl pads on my EH Special dashboard with that stuff way back in… :exploding_head:

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Did someone say cake?

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That is so horribly awesome in the most wrong kind of way


i got a 62 ej special speaking of old things.


I have such a soft spot for the 179 in eh & eh