Thinking of buying a Cyma

Thinking about buying one of these, what can you guys tell me about them? Good & bad

How much is it?

$300, doing 300-330 FPS standard

Does it say anything on topic of external material?

looks like nylon, tan metal has a different shade usually, plus I don’t believe the full metal ones would be that cheap.

Buy a cheap Cyma M4 CQB from iHobby or Zhenduo, less than $100 bucks and spend the other 200 on upgrades.

Cyma M4 CQB Gel Blaster — ZHENDUO with ZD21 Discount Code is $71

CYMA M4 V10-Gel Blaster M4 CQB-R SOPMOD LiPo Ready (Package: Tan) – ihobby online with GBFmemberCODE is $101

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Yeah, i would go with the $99 CYMA M4 CQB kit from TE and put some basic mods like spring and o ring in and it would be just as great I think, plus 3 times cheaper.


yeah I got one of those, I think they were sold out of the tan ones thou. I’ve only opened it up once but the gearbox is very nice in them.

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Add Ldx basic box to that $99 cqb and you got something way nicer less $$$

Ive heard it just needs slight mod to the rear pin in the receiver


It’s a drop in solution. The LDX has the same holes as the LDT 2.5, not the 3.0.

Anyway. Here’s a vid you can watch OP.
I’d get a metal one myself. Actually. I did. The CYMA M4 SS. I’m stoked on it.

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Sick. Again, i was told there was slight mods. But if its a drop in, im thinking thats the way forward.

Considering the metal cyma box you can buy is over $200 complete, seems the better choice

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I believe you have to ask @DocBob for permission to buy a CYMA. He’s locked up all stock available :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have released a handful back onto the market, but at an inflated price for what I paid for them :joy::+1:

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M4A1 has CYMA metal box for $149


Nice. Only ever seen it available for 220