Thompson Gel blaster Violin Pack Pre order

Welcome to the 21st century Australia, Tiger where we play with toy ■■■■ and told we are criminals and the government basically own you, so if they tell you that the sky is green you will surely believe it. I don’t care much for what people believe or do, as long as you are not being an idiot and hurting others. You will never be able to stop people from doing what they want no matter how many rules and laws you bring out. Those that follow will do so blindly but those that question it … well that’s another story. This is why you got individualism and freedom of choice. There was only 10 Commandments handed down, I’m not sure where we got the other 1000 from lol. Anyways I’m working on that Pulse rifle boys but that will be a while still, the guy ended up buying one from Snow Wolf to look at it and examine the built and internals and he said he’ll get back to me as to how he will go about it. The PPK to be honest I’ve been a bit hesitant due to the damm price of the thing, but I might get some if he cuts me a slightly better deal. Because I keep going for the weird stuff and then I get abused for being expensive. Well shit, if I bring in M4s cheap it’s no good cause everyone has one lol and then if it’s different but pricey … well it’s too damm expensive and they can buy a real one for that price. So I will keep searching for more strange and wonderful products and get back to you fellas. The issue with some is that the numbers are just not there to be able to lower the price and I won’t buy 5000 pcs or even 1000 pcs of anything in the current market. Even 500 lately has been shit to deal with. This industry is slowly dying and the ones that are here are either just surviving or having to look for other ways to make a dollar. I can tell you, that it’s not all peachy. Anyways, that’s enough from me hope you fellas have a good day! :smiley:


Ohh just looked up and the Garand is nearly ready but I can’t find another company doing one yet, and this is electric and it’s not cheap again, so I’m working on the guy to see if he’ll lower the prices even slightly but time will tell. At this point I was talking to him about sending a sample so I can see it first because for that price I need to make sure they are good. I’ll keep you guys posted on this one.


that sounds like a really good plan actually, the sampling thing I mean, give you a show model to test out and give people a feel for before deciding on the order, if you make that a common practice then companies that wont give you a tester would pretty quickly be dropped as too shady to work with and either have to up their game or be replaced by someone better

I am excited to see a garand of any kind show up, and personally I think this could be a really good move if people get interested, cause people like me who just want the pretty gvn would want gas and brass, but the people who go play would likely rather electric or at least mag or hopper fed so it is viable and not such a pain to clean up after, say we got two models of garand in, this electric style one, and later a realistic but likely pricier version for the people that want it to make the noise and such, if the hobby grows more that will probably be much more viable then it is rn but it’s something to think about either way

You sound like you are doin good things, keep it up ^+^

im with you here, i just want a garand no matter how it functions

i want gas and brass, but I want others to have the joy of garand in a gameplay viable format as well, I love the way it loads, painful but so worth it, completely redundant in the actual hobby but so fuckin fuuuuuun

I know its a bit stupid to lean into my side of the argument without a vocal demand for actively worse gbs for the sake of aesthetics, but I hope someday the split is a viable business model so both sides can be happy ^+^

shipper people if you are reading this, start sending sample products to vendors if you want people to buy your shit