Thompson SMG Gel Blaster

Bugger… I have it in my head to build a decent Thompson SMG blaster for sh*ts’n’gigs… :blush:

Maybe Gen 9 gearbox, maybe V2… who knows? Has anyone here already built one? I’d be keen to get some advice and inspiration.

Apart from the crappy Nerf blaster that was getting around a few years ago, finding a donor blaster’s proving tricky… I’d love to know if anyone’s got a line on a better option than the Nerf. :+1:

I thought I saw recently one that was coming out. Because I immediately thought “oh, I could make an aliens pulse rifle with that”

I could be mistaken though. It might have been an a-s one instead of gel blaster… But even so, if you can get the body of it and just put a gel blaster gearbox in it. Job done.

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Yeah, not sure how a gearbox and motor would fit, but worth a look…

Know what you mean about the pulse rifles… if this kit was nylon and not 3D printed I’d be all over it…

Vas at X-Force was gauging interest about a year ago on his FB group for a Thompson SMG, plus pulse rifle conversion kit, citing high development cost and time as inhibitors. Haven’t heard anything since.

Yeah, so did I. It was on some blaster website that I hadn’t come across before (and now can’t remember the name of)
Had some pics of it. Looked nice, but I’m pretty sure the description said it was ABS plastic.

I’d be pretty lucky to jag anything that wasn’t ABS, I think… so I’ve pretty much resigned myself to that.
Mauser pistols are on the market, make a good start to a Han Solo blaster if you’re into movie replicas… and I hear rumours of a FN carbine in the works, so maybe there’s hope for the Tommy yet.

If it was 3D printed in something tougher than PLA that M41A pulse would be worth having a crack at… :thinking:

There’s also this puppy :astonished:


picatinny rail on it and $330 no way

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Yeah, shame about the picatinny on that…

Has anyone else heard any rumours of a Fabrique Nationale coming out? The old Aussie issue SLRs? Although that barrel length looks problematic…

Not sure how reliable my source is… :joy:

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The picture floating around is of an Argentinian Para model fn fal with folding stock

Cant wait for a SLURRRR! lol

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Just need someone to import these without the a-s gearbox, and we can do the rest. How bloody hard is it?


Yeah, the a/s versions are cool…

We’ll never get them here, I suspect…

That’s my point, take out the inner barrel and gearbox, THEN import it. I’ll mod it and put my own gel blaster gearbox in it. I only need the shell!


Oh yea, one of the AU shops need to get on this. Surely can’t be that hard to get it done. :thinking:

I know right? Just sell the shells. I mean they sell all the other stuff in parts so…

I’d also like the new fn2000 that came out a month or so ago…
And a tavor tar-21…

Which store would be the best to ask about this do you think?

i was gonna msg tigerr111 ask them to strip out the AS internals and send the shell in bits and pay the full price. May be an option once / if the new laws get put into place and we can bring in replicas

Definitely something to work on. We have all the driveline of many sorts to throw gels out.

As to which shop, I’m buggered if I know. One that can be bothered? Xforce or Tac edge would they be into this. Maybe Azraels would be?

and yes please FN2000 and TAR-21

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I wouldn’t think movie prop replicas would come under the same category as realistic replicas.

Good idea though, getting an a/s pulse rifle shell imported minus anything that makes it a/s should be no more difficult or anybdifferent to bringing in most of the accessories we buy overseas now… :+1:

Something like this in M41A, FN2000, TAR21 please :drooling_face: