Thoughts on 3D printed Tappet Plates and TPU Hop Ups

Hello People

I’ve had issues with tappets plates recently and was wondering what your thoughts on 3D printed tappet plates. Of course, these 3d printed ones will be made of nylon just like the others. I’m wondering if anyone has thought of this as an alternative to buying $5 tappet plates.

On a side note, as hop ups are mainly PLA plastic in my experience that I have bought, has anyone tried TPU as a material? this material has a sort of flex to the printed object and so when you adjust your hop up, it won’t snap as it is not hard. in addition, if you people have had TPU phone cases in the past, it has that very light rubberized feel and I’m thinking it may produce more of friction over normal hop ups.

just want to hear your feedback as I am throwing ideas out…


Quick thoughts

Tappet: you have other issues on that front but a 3dp solution won’t be any stronger than a cast nylon solution.

Tpu hopup: natty idea worth pursuing. I went full metal hopup and in time will convert all my blasters to them.

I feel a 3d printed tappet would not be suitable.
If it was printed from PLA it would last about 3 seconds as it is far to brittle, and TPU would be far to flexible.
The currently available nylon tappets would be far superior.

TPU as a hop up might be ok, certainly worth a try.

I really like the DK hop ups and have had no failures with one yet, I have had many others that broke but not a DK.
I am also testing the RK metal hop up and tbh when I first received it I was a little skeptical, but so far it has been great and it is definatey durable.

Nah not PLA tapper but a nylon tappet plate like the others.

The TPU hop up was only a thought because after a while from normal PLA, when you unscrew the grub, the plastic may still hold its shape where as TPU is flexible and probably flex back to it’s original printed shape. Other from that it has it’s small rubberized properties to further add friction…

Will pick up some TPU the next week and try.

The hop ups I print are self design and are threaded to the outer barrel. I’m not sure if other hop ups do this but I try to make it so the exit hole of the hop up is as close to the inner barrel diameter so that it rolls off the hop up naturally as opposed to hitting it and then rolling off it. if that makes sense.

It will be interesting to see how the hop up goes :+1: