Thoughts on getting new hopper fed blasters? (Bren, Owen etc.)

So, one of my magazines broke the other week and while I was searching for a replacement, I gave my hopper fed p226 and Ma5 a glance and it got me thinking. What are some weapons which could faithfully be recreated without the need for any form of primer? So immediately I thought well of course the bren ■■■! and it turns out that’s actually already been done. However, they’ve been out of stock for yonks and were pretty terrible from what I’ve seen both in construction and performance. None the less I would be extremely interested if any company were to create a new edition. I also thought the Owen ■■■ would also be a pretty cool blaster especially considering both were used by Australian forces and Australia is one of the major markets for “gel blasting” (What do we call this sport by the way, is it gelsoft?). I understand WW2 weapons are a niche market but I’m sure that by essentially having magazines which are just hollow containers that would shave the cost off manufacturing considerably. As someone very interested in WW2 firearms I sure would be interested in them even if they performed poorly or weren’t the fanciest. There are some other weapons which would be interesting most of which are from WW2 as well. These include the degtyarev aka the DP27, Lewis ■■■, calico, Japanese Type 96 and the lithgow F1 which was essentially the child of the Owen and Sterling. I’m sure there are others I can’t remember but I’d like to see what others in the community think about new hopper fed blasters.
And for anyone curious here is that Bren I was talking about at the start
TOY-■■■-Gel-Ball-Firing-BREN-MACHINE-■■■-_1 (1) TOY-■■■-Gel-Ball-Firing-BREN-MACHINE-■■■-_1


That would be quite a simple design and build, however unless someone is willing to put in the CAD time and then development time, you will never see anything. Myself i would love to see more variation away from M4s and HKs and there are a plethora of WW2 designs that would be cool to produce. I think an owen would be good too, but you would struggle to get an existing gearbox into the design and that would stop most attempts.

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I was thinking about WW2 blasters the other day. It lead me to an air soft online store and I looked at the mg 34 and mg42. I’d pay good money for an mg42 gel blaster. I think a decent Bren would also be awesome with real wood parts.

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An mg42 would be pretty amazing especially if it had an insane fire rate like the real one. As for a bren with wood decor that would certainly be quite delicious although even if it wasn’t the best materials I’d still probably want one at the very least as a prop or as a set piece. If they existed I definitely wouldn’t mind getting out a bunch of bolt action gel blasters and have a reenactment of sorts if they existed.

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im with you - an mg42 with a high rate of fire would be wicked plus you could use it as a base for starwars and aliens hybrids