Thoughts on Std orange 7.4mm gels

7.4 hey??
Thats pretty specific as most say 7-8mm.
I got some today so will grow some overnight.
Whats everyone opinion on these?
I got them purely to see how consistant they are , but keen to see how they go and chrono check them .

Do these come with std blasters?

Visible difference in sizes before i added water , not expecting much out of this now lol

How did they grow o.o?

Yeah it went worse than i thought haha. Not many at all 7.4mm.

Howerever when i was using them to chrono with i didnt have any gels explode at all

That was a few teaspoons of dried gels , 9 hours in tap water with regular agitation.

U found a evil one lol :joy:

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If you look close theres a tiny devil fetus in there. That one went missing…

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All good i found it and put it back in the jar to grow to full size.


Omg roflmao :joy: :rofl:

a bit of fun laughing (1)


Almost as much fun as this… rofl