Thread size and pitch question?

Can anyone please tell me what size and pitch this thread is?

It’s the thread that the delta ring screws on to on the Jinming gen9 m4

Is that a bd556 receiver? I had issues with that last week, it would start threading before binding up. I used blutack to get an impression of each thread to compare to the other, and the thread pitch looked the same.

I ended up sanding down the thread on the receiver a bit, cleaned up the threads with a needle file and applied a bit of wd40. Threads up real tight, but it isn’t cross threading.

It’s just the jinming gen9 original receiver. Great tip with the blutak, never thought of that :+1:t2:
It is a prick to screw on that delta ring because of the spring etc makes it hard to know if it’s straight or not.
You also don’t get too many second chances with a plastic thread!

You can measure the pitch by measuring from tip to tip … and by measuring from the valley on one side to the valley opposite…

You can also buy a set of pitch gauges from ebay or an industrial shop/bearing shop like Potters on the sunny coast

Yeah it’s like reading an ECG.

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