Threaded metal outer barrel

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone knows where I could get a threaded metal outer barrel for the UMP?

Just wanting one for easy attachment of silencers etc


Haven’t seen threaded ump barrels. For mine I bought the 20cm metal one from tactical edge and just used a gen 8 style suppressor with grub screws to secure it. Rizer secured inside the suppressor to the inner barrel

They don’t have the LH thread on the end.
The thread you see on those screws into the receiver the other end is the muzzle end

19mm outer to use grub screws yuk. used a muzzle device on my slr with m130 that used grub screws.even though i drilled little holes in the outer for the grub screws to bite into it still fell off from the power ha

These came back in stock if anyone is chasing the metal parts

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