Tienly GT High Performance Long Type Motor

Hi I just wanted to get some feed back on these motors has anyone used them what are they like and are they worth the money

Build quality best I’ve had,
They can spin up massive springs easily.
Wear on commutator is minimal.
They don’t get hot easily, mine anyway.
So far the ones I have are almost identical in where the pinion sits, example I can pull out the 25k and drop in the 35k without having to redo the bevel to pinion shimming. If you get my drift.
Super super strong neo magnets, I picked up a 2.5kg weight plate while it was still in the packet.
They look good, doesn’t matter though once it’s in the grip.

I don’t think they spin up to the rated RPM stated, but just my thoughts.
Don’t and I mean don’t put them anywhere close to where there maybe little metal shavings/filings. The tiniest pieces of metal will come out of nowhere and stick to the motor.
Always when you remove the motor put in in a plastic case!

My 5 cents🤞🏽


Thanks for your input what’s the best motor you have used then you post on hear all the time lol

Price? I’m interested

$180 if you get in Australia

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“You get what you pay for” and “Buy once, Cry once” are two motto’s that I live by.

I have one, sitting and waiting to be installed in my MONSTER build, a 30K GT Series.

I was researching the very best in Motors and this name kept on coming up, more research and also viewing the above Hiroshima_screamer videos (search his name on YouTube, with the weight lifting exercise, impressive) and I was sold. I come from RC and as such know the quality of the heart and the power that pumps it are, if your creating a solid performer, a must.

I purchased mine from Resupp here in Australia for, wait for it, as Mr Reaby above states, $180, yeah, ouch, refer back to my first line of text. I see that the Aus retailers all hover around this BUT they can be had for cheaper overseas, beware of clones / fakes and buy from reputable vendors only.

All that Hiroshima says about them, I believe in the fullest. I was after, reliable, re-buildable, non Chinese, performance as close to stated figures, quietness, smoothness, etc. I am to match it with a set of Siegetek 14.09:1 Gears to see what’s what.

Study the options carefully, choose accordingly, and I don’t think you could go wrong, I have heard they shred lesser gear sets (maybe just Nylon and cheap Cast Metal?) so I’d look into that as well.

Good Luck with the beating heart of your Blaster


I agree with this post mate, great qualiy motors and I’m also a bit suss on whether they actually spin upto the stated RPM or not.

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the stated rpm is actually no load @ 12v. With an m120 @12v the 25k is 20k. i read it somewhere on the interwebs. The wording used by retailers is bullshit.



Thanks for the Table, where were you and that a month ago, my searching has let me down again. The good news other than your under rated sorta bad news is that my chosen combo is all sweet and good to go, 30,000 with a M110 & M120 Combo using the QSC System, excellent.

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Varies slightly between 3rd gen and 4th gen, but much the same.

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Dudes I gotta say these “destruction of god” motors are super reliable and I think at a perfect ratio to not duck everything up