Tighter the barrel the better?

Hi, just wondering, if you could grow your gels to the perfect size, would having a tighter bore be better? Or would it not really matter, just as long as the gels and barrel size match? I know it would change the cylinder to barrel volume ratio and stuff like that so so let’s say you change it all up to keep an ideal ratio, would a 7mm id barrel with perfectly grown gels be better than a 7.2 Id barrel with perfectly grown gels? I would think it doesn’t make a difference but I’m not sure. Cheers

Bloody good question bud. Keen to see what answers arise from that one. I’ve got three 7.3 staino barrels coming from John at CHGBB and I’m hoping they help to rectify the appalling accuracy issues I’m having with my J8 at the moment…
(7.5 x 270mm ally, ArmourTech milkies grown to avg. 7.45, entry-level gearbox mods, Rizer hopup)
Anyway, let’s see what the vets say…

I haven’t done any testing but I would say there probably wouldn’t be any performance issues but maybe there might be a difference in the hardness of the balls. I think I’ve also heard of some feeding issues when running tight bore barrels but not sure.

The right size gels are the best… just slightly smaller than the barrel id…

When you get a new motor for your car, you want the mechanic to put in the correct size pistons… too small, they wont work, too big wont fit…

Same with gels… if they are too tight for the barrel, they will spread themselves down the length of the barrel … if they are too loose, they will roll out of the end of the barrel.badluck laughing%20(1)

Personally I found that using 7mm or smaller gels gave feed issues on some magazines.
The quality of the barrel seems to give the best improvement in performance with everthing else being equal.
Also a larger gel has more kinetic energy but more frontal area which increases drag :thinking:
I like the 7.3mm barrels because they suit more of the available gels on the market.
And those CHGBB S/S barrels really do perform :+1:


Is it because SS doesnt oxidise, i recently had a major jam due to the alloy barrel oxidising due to lack of use

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Or lack of maintenance :rofl::joy:

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@Rattler screw you lol, nah i dont think i was putting a little wd40 after games, shouldnt need to do that with stainless

LMAO yeah I’ve had the same issue :rofl:

wd just stops the already oxidised surface from oxidising further…

you’d have to polish the alu barrels to maintain the SS feel

is why i’m moving to all SS


where does one get a ss barrel

Here but they are closed atm

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Pretty sure Beastpro sell SS barrels.
Atleast they did last month!

Everyone will have a best combination of gel and barrel.
Gel hardness is another factor to consider.
I found the harder gels are less forgiving on tight barrels and would often get smashed rather than fit.
Tighter barrels are a compromise. More finicky but given the reduced cross-section (about 15% less than a 7.3) can theoretically deliver more speed from the same cylinder volume albeit on a smaller, lighter gel.
I do like 7.0 on sniper blasters. :sunglasses: