Tips and tricks

We should start a tips and tricks for GB builds

I’ll start with my favourite two and something’s I’ve noticed.

If your trigger keeps popping out due to the spring tension, just glue a tiny piece of sand paper to the trigger at the rear where it contacts the box

Same issue with the anti reverse mechanism?
Don’t buy a fancy tool just use any sort of clip lying around, mines from a soldering station tool.

SHS pinion (L) seems to have fatter teeth than say ZCI or ASG pinions®.
If your struggling with bevel to pinion shimming you can use the smaller tooth pinion for more play or the other way around.


an inspired idea…sharing is caring.

AR spring can also be bent 90degrees down (the leg that contacts the box) if you have enough length.

this helps allot when arguing with getting it all back together

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Hiro… your excellent workmanship is…

Making me sick! :fu: :nauseated_face:

But I mean that in the nicest possible way :rofl:

(your workmanship makes me look purdy bad)…:roll_eyes:

Keep up the good work :grin:

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We are here to ruin your dreams m8…




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another trick with the reverse latch is to turn the bevil gear counter clockwise until the latch locks into place. it takes the additional tension off the spring and is able to sit in place without flying out


Also a Newbie section? I have a couple like:-
What is a Milkie?
What is the benefit of a Hop-up?

Milkies are White gels.

There are multiple types and sizes so it’s important to define brand or size when providing advice or considering advice of others

Hopup leverages the Magnus effect when tuned properly to increase range and accuracy

Range and accuracy are a bit of a joke with our kit but hopups are still worth it

Not all hopups are created equally. Some suck, some rock, some are suitable for one blaster but not others…it’s a Darwin’s grab bag of money wastage if you are trying to figure it out on your own


hanging for the day a ■■■■■■■ hopup is designed like the AS one… yeaboi

wtf why didn’t gel.soft get blocked???

Hey! what was the word you said before hopup mate?

was it firearm?

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I said gel.soft bro which was odd
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The display mask looks Dragongott clever

I used it today with two spaces

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