Titan gel balls

Hi all, i have been using these Titan gel balls from tac toys for some time.
I know they arent the best around but they have been great value for money, $70 for 10 pack, a pack is 124g where as a pack of most other gels are 82g.
Also I have tuned my blaster around using them and its the most accurate with these.
Recently tac toys sold out and now have Titan v2 for sale.

My question is, does anyone know what the original Titans were, is there some where else I can get them?

As much as I don’t like tac toys… I have to agree, I’m liking these Titans. They’re shooting like a laser out to about 25-30m with my MPX

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Are they a clear smokie colour

You fucking lier. :rofl:You’re target is 15m max in your Back yard.:joy::joy::joy: Lol but i do agree with you venchy there shooting bloody straight.

I’ll get the tape out tomorrow and have a measure lol

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I just had a look on ebay… it seems they only have these ones?

I am not sure if they are the ones you mean? noidea

Might be worth a shot (see what I did there) eye popping1

minions laugh

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That’s the stuff​:+1::joy:

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