Titan Gelstopper

Some dimensions for those interested. Purchased from Monkee Mods.



Has a 6.85 inside diameter retaining ring
Will add some testing to this at a later date.
Will have to machine out barrels tighter than 7.5mm to fit them.


What’s it made out of, it looks all squashed ?

Steel. photos taken through a magnifier light, may have distorted it a little.

I find the best gel stoppers are…noidea

The members of the other team… laughing%20(1)

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Had a little play this morning with my rebuilt ACR gearbox. swapped m120 to a 1.3mm getting 300fps.
Dried off some AK gels in teatowel. Put the gelstopper in a FB 7.5mm 35cm barrel. Rizer metal hopup.
Also ran some through bruisemaster gold 7.1mm barrel.
Wow. normally i would get 40-50 higher fps from the bruisemaster vs 7.5mm.
Both barrels doing 300fps.
Wonder if tight fit only really needed at start of the gel balls journey.
More to come. Results may vary depending on future testing methods.

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That’s very interesting.
Maybe the reduction in dia. at the nozzle tip has increased the air velocity? The tight bore barrel obviously does the same thing.
This gives credibility to my 6mm vs 8mm head/nozzle tests I posted a while ago.

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might try sleeving the nozzle on cylinder head to smaller diameter.
Will have to be tuesday. Back at work so have access to lathe to make up sleeves with a flange so they don’t go into cylinder.

609 loc-tite is you friend, One drop and the sleeve is going nowhere, only 100deg C and it will release if you need to remove it.

Sorry not up with this high tech gadget; is it just an insert for your barrel to reduce the dia or is it for the T piece?

Yes it’s to stop gels falling out of the barrel and it fits in the end of the barrel

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