Titan MOSFET - with the $$$?

Man, I can’t believe these things cost about 32 million dollars! Apart from the ability to customise, improved trigger response and the fact that it will protect your motor/circuits etc - are they really worth the coin?

I’ve bought a few things to go in my MK box, and after doing research, reading and window-shopping, I’m looking for a MOSFET to throw in it. My rule to buy things for it is: no single item can cost more than the gearbox.

… Which rules the Titan out.

Anyone want to weigh in with their 2¢?

I hear you. Take a look at the Perun mosfet. @JeliWorks had a post up a while back :point_right: Perun V2 optical mofset cheap! I can also confirm it fits the MK box.

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I emailed the dude a week ago, but no reply yet. I feel like I’d rather buy a whole new blaster for Titan coin…

Titan advanced is fantastic, plug it in and change settings, check sensors, run diagnostics. I love it

Example, when doing a high speed build you can set at low ROF check everything at low speed and then crank it up.

but I may get a titan basic for my next build, depends on what happens after sept 1 and all the drama at the moment.

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Is the basic the one where you plug it into your PC via USB?

You can plug both in via usb, one has more options on the control station.
I think Bluetooth is or has just come out as well.

there’s 3 options

Complete, also has a programming card you can use, same one as the Warfet maybe?

But if you already have the cables you can buy a basic and plug in with the control station.


Man, that’s some heavy action right there. Tell you what, though - for the money it would want to do all of that. Hopefully when the Bluetooth one lands, it will wipe the price off the existing old-school stock? People will laugh at those who use cables and control boxes to change settings… like in Back to the Future II