To all those who build boxes, i salute you

just wanna say, everything seems easy until you try to do it yourself,
like photography, like photoshop, like mechanical work…
and that is why i am so glad i broke my gen9 box,
now i have something to mess around with before i start my ACR build, and i did just…

seriously spend the last hour just on the trigger spring :hot_face:
non of the build vid i watched really mention that part in detail :pleading_face:

first i couldn’t work out how it actually get back into place,
then i couldn’t work out how to push that short arm up inside the box to hold it…
and when i work out a easy way, it just keep on popping out, and taking everything else along with it…
the rest went back together relatively easy in comparison though O_o

interestingly, the gears has been shimmed,
just one on the bottom side of spur, and it has no play at all,
bevel and setor gear has a bit of play though, maybe half a mm,
turning it by finger seems to be spinning ok tho?

so when you shim gears, do you have to make it really tight?
or leave a tiny bit of play on it = .=??
knowing me i will prob add too much shim and melt the box through friction :sweat_smile:

You want a little side play on the pinion bevel and as much mesh on the everything without them rubbing

Triggers and at springs you get the hang of

Superlube! You want superlube


Had a shot at my first metal gear conversion the other day… suprisingly easy if you approach it methodically and don’t rush it. Picking an easy Gen 8 box helped too… very simple box. The wealth of advice on here and tutorial videos on Youtube helped enormously too.

I’d say that if you don’t have much mechanical experience it’s a bit of a daunting task best left to the more hands on. That being said, I’m all for having a crack… that’s how we learn. Good on you for getting stuck in, keep at it and it’ll all fall into place for you. :+1:

It’d be easy to say " if I can do it, anybody can" but that would be trite and condescending. I’ve had a lifetime of mechanical tinkering so I’m lucky… Simple as the components are, it’s really easy to get one little thing wrong and destroy your blaster in the process. Take your time… you’ll get there.



Do you know WTF is in that Superlube??

I have a tube, I thought it would just be a heavy grade of oil, but it comes out of the bottle like something you’d buy from a rubber c*ck shop :joy: Great stuff though

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dinosaurs…i’m going with dinosaurs…

it doesn’t actually say on the tube and tbh i’ve never given it a thought.

what i can say is its infinitely better than the lubes and oils i was buying from our sport vendors


Dinosaurs :joy:

Hell yeah… I was very suprised at how good it is.

its the wrong colour to be soylent green.

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I found that the trigger’s a lot easier to reinstall if it isn’t covered with said lube too… and make sure any spring ends that dig into the nylon box are pointing in the right direction or they won’t hold position…

Latent energy’s a bitch… :joy:



Intersesting how you can gauge people’s vintage on here from the pop culture references they make :joy:


its silicon oil - in RC racing you can get different weights of it as well - something I haven’t played with since I got a box full. But I am sure thats what it is :wink:


i did but went super lube throughout.

just easier

Not really into Soylent Green, I’m more of a Moloko Plus kinda guy…


Great stuff, for sure. Super messy stuff on your digits though. Having a rollie going on the workbench isn’t much of an option… found that out the hard way :joy:

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Be very careful if you smoke cigarettes, make certain you wash your hands thoroughly before you touch or roll a smoke because it can cause severe heath issues.

The silicone, I’m guessing?

I also rebuild guitars, so silicone on a rosewood fretboard’s a big no no too… I scrub like a surgeon after handling anything with silicone in it.

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Both silicone and Teflon are deadly if they burn and you breath the vapor.
Many machinists that smoke have have problems because the silicone and Teflon build up in your skin on your hands and can be impossible to remove from washing your hands


Yah, I eventually got my head around it,

The net was down too when I pulled it apart so I couldn’t even check videos :sweat_smile:

Have u tried tamiya gear oil on blaster gears o.O?
They got some ceramic ones that seema pretty good

I use Inox mx6 not bad too, anyone else use it?


I have used it on other things. Innox in general is top stuff