Tomahawk M1911 Dual-Blade Hop up

Tried a new hop up on a stock M1911 I received today, an STD CS-009 (I don’t have much that’s stock).

The hop up is a dual-blade design (above and below).

The 3D print is smoother than most using a finer filament and it feels solid.

Fit is very good and tight and once turned into place using the 1911’s locking mechanism, it does not budge.

Why dual blades?
I’m told the design is to cater to different fps and gels allowing fine tuning of both backspin and vertical trajectory angle.
This is handy as all too often a hop up flattens trajectory but also pushes the gel path at a downward angle and sometimes beyond the adjustment range of a scope/sight.

It does the job very well.

Tomahawk Gelmods (link below).


Do you know how it compares to these two alternatives?

Couldn’t tell you, but I’m now a fan of the dual blade design.