Too much power i think

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point blank?

what’s in the blaster?

Hey just my modded JM M4A1 with milky whites from 3-4m away.


you have to chrono that thing

I’d say it’s around 330. But yeah if anyone has one on the north side of brissy i would.

ah yesssssss.i know how that feels. was at a standoff with a mate and he got my inner thigh damm it stung for a bit .but definitely chrono that and would be worth buying a chrono in the future their essential if your wanting to mods your blaster. please let me no when you test it what it’s running at

Apparently only around 290 according to the chrono i chucked it on.

That’s painful and must of been really close range coz finally ran my scar V2 on chromosome and was averaging 300-330fps but I’ve put upgraded that like crazy

“It was about 3-4m away”- im probably over judging the distance, but it was definitely at least 2.5m. I need to pull the blaster apart and check out the plunger, as it was shooting through a cardbox i have at home when i completed the mods and now it is only denting it.

What gels are you using? The standard milkies or the new heavy ones?

BTW… What does too much power mean? I have never heard of that before??

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Standard milkies. It hurts so much lol.

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