Tools needed for Blaster repairs/builds

Hi there fellow Blaster enthusiasts!

I was wondering what the basic tool kit would be for Blaster repairs/builds/mods.

What are people using?

What is your basic toolkit?

What power tools do you use?

Soldering irons?

To Dremel or not to Dremel?

It would be great to formulate some sort of list for beginners etc like moi!

The handiest tool I have for stubborn blasters is the same tool I use to adjust my computers… :laughing:



Just saw this metal putty at Aldi. I think it’s from a special a few weeks ago so it might be in short supply, but can be handy for fixing stuff. I grabbed 3 of them.

They had concrete, aluminium, copper and wood.
I haven’t used this brand yet, but used similar stuff. It’s great for filling gaps where you want something solid for reinforcing.
$6.99 you can’t go wrong!

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