Topic/Post edit record. Who holds the gold?

Some late Friday night fkery/ Saturday morning un-seriousness.
So i want to know who holds the gold in terms of edits on one single post. I think I’ve done 5…but someone’s gonna have to beat that…right?
Hands up now, for a final chuckle before the weekends blasting.
My money’s on 8. Hand’s up from the monkey holding the gold!

Will it count if its in this thread ?

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Absolutely…watch me go. I’ll take the gold. Thanx. Or go yourself, choose you’re poison. I’ll take if i must. You challenging? But seriously, whose got it?

If I write an essay for someone pre coffee I can easily span double digit edits.

Its pretty easy to goose too…


Damn. I could have done a fkn funny response there just in four emojis. But i could only find one. Ahhh…anyway
Twelve eggs.

God damn modern tiknowledgy!
Ooh…might have to edit that.
#3 freebee from h for being clever
#4 . Offs…i can’t help myself.
#5 i like whisky.

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Hahaha… :rofl:
You know you beat me to it.
And damn you for hijiacking my own post :joy: :rofl:
I’ll stop now.

Fail…you’ve lost points for not editing your highest edit response

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Im still awake for now. Was planning on sleeping 3 hours ago and got stuck on the gelball braingelly channel.
Im goona have to take some pills now to sleep.
And damn man…the true “COMPtroller” comes forth to show the power of being able to change peoples words. SKILLZ!!
:+1: :grin: :tumbler_glass:



Everything other than the fruit of the passionfruit plant when eaten or infused as a tea makes for a very effective tranquiliser

Me… I Hardly ever edit… (well… not much)…noidea ceazy laughing (1) icon_e_wink

Ok, ok…maybe some-times, yup, butt not so often, that you’d really notice, at all, hehe,
really … lie emobadluck laughing (1)

Let’s get this to the-. “magic” 100…

.winning meme is comings’.,*


Haha you didn’t wait long enough


interesting nugget…reverting to versions doesn’t alter the edit count…


Darn you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
You hijacked it, inserted yourself, changed it then removed it.
And i know i didn’t edit that other one that many times…stop it now please or my full metal weaponry shall take aim at yours.


I vote slingshot :+1:


At least Calcifers count keeps going up.
Still beating my hijacked 6.


Ohhh I love it when you talk sexy…rofl

stop penis


That’ll get you about >.< Far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I tried to edit my 1st post in here so many times but ninja edits dont count. I was closing and opening the app but nothing on my edit score card.

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Yay. Double digits.
And still pushing. Go for gold.

I was looking at the process also. I think there needs to be a reasonable amount of times between each edit for it to count