Tracer Mags vs Tracer Units

Anyone have any criticism or praise for the LED tracer mags for Gen 8 M4s? Looking for some advice before shelling out the sheckles… :thinking:

A barrel mounted tracer unit’s out for me, my outer barrel is full custom and nothing like stock. Then there’s the hop up issues with tracers. Just curious about how these mags compare to the front tracer units and whether or not there’s a noticeable battery drain with them. :+1:

I’ve used the Warinterest tracer mag with no issues so far. Haven’t noticed any battery drain.

Ah crap just noticed for JM blaster… soz


@Maiphut all good, man. :blush:

Think the performance of these mags throughout the different blasters would be about the same. :+1:

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I like the mag. It fits my sons gen8 and with a little filing fits my j10 and gen9. The only difference between them and stock is the gels come out glowing lol

What did you have to file to fit the J10 ACR? Is it a big job?

@Torc nah. Easy as bro. Just file or sanD the top 2 inches of the spine on the sides. Takes five minutes. Just do equal amounts on each side. Do a bit then put the mag in. If it’s still too tight just sand a bit more.

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I have excellent results with the war interest tracer mag. Led torch the gels before loading and its pure laser beams. No need for tracer unit on gen8 m4s .


Yep, that’s what l did and it rocks!

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I couldn’t resist the cheap BLG M16, it’s running gen8 gear it takes the tracer magazines…but with a small section of 20mm conduit you can friction fit a tracer unit to it also. Same for the MP5, just remove the stock flash suppressor.
With both the mag and tracer tip it’s star wars material.
Remove the end cap from the barrel of the M24 and a tracer tip friction fits in there too…ask me how I know :wink:

Thanks for replying @Sprocketj!

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Is it just lazy to not heat shrink the diode?

Warinterest mag.

I’m no electronics genius, but I’d heatshrink just to have as little of the diode legs in the damp as possible… but then again I heatshrink the shite out of every bit of wiring I do. :wink:

I’ve got a WI tracer mag running in my M4 CQB… took some mag well modding and a nick here and there on the mag itself but it’s working. :+1: not nearly as bright as a barrel tracer unit though.

Is it hard to add additional LEDs to the feed tube and get a little more glow going on? I mean, the wiring’s already done, is it just a matter of adding LEDs and hooking into the existing set up?

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It is what you get with mass production I suppose.
At least some electrical tape paste or a circuit board protection spray for peace of mind.

If I was going to light up the mag, I’d probably have the connections at the top (space permitting) and have it all heatshrunk.

The diode is overkill and the capacitor is not really needed as the gels would have been flashed many times before it gets to the barrel.

Hey Cruise, I know you’ve dabbbled with tracer units a fair bit, maybe you can help me get my head around a concept. :thinking:

Apart from a Sweetheart hop up before it, is there any way to run a tracer unit on your barrel with a hop up after it?

I already run a tracer mag, but a little more intensity would be good. :+1:

Have you tried fitting the tracer parts in a longer suppressor tube?

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Yeah neither but im guilty of heatshrinking whatever i can for extra peace of mind.

I thought about adding , or even making my own mags (just got a dual drum for m4)in tracers and adding way more led’s. I really thought there was more inside.
I only took it apart as the motor had sized but came back to life when i opened it up

So if i was to make a mag into a tracer i shouldnt copy the capacitor( i guessed it was a resistor lol)?
Im not sure what you mean by the gels would be flashed several times b4 hitting the barrel. Thx

Assuming the LEDs light up every time the blaster is fired and the mag motor activated. So whether single/3 shot/auto, they will be flashed many times.
The capacitor will charge each time the LEDs turn on and discharge when the trigger is released.
It should be wired to the LED only of course. Otherwise the power would go back and power the mag.
Thing is, if it discharged to the LED, it would discharge and light the LED for a fraction of a sec and fade quickly. I tried and it’s why I no longer bother.
Not needed.

I read the last 3 paragraphs a fair few times lol

So without a capacitor , it will just stay lit for a tiny bit longer before fading , if i understand you?

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