Tracer unit queries

Would it be possible to use a m4 barrel on a vector? Curious about glow in the dark gels but not keen on buying another gel blaster just to use them lol
Sidenote: im new, so if this is a dumb question pardon me haha

its a fair question and i’m not entirely sure.

the vector has a 14mm rh thread into the box

all the other ends of the outer barrels have been assaulted by me in one way or another so i’m not sure if those threads are lh or rh

Thats exactly what i have been thinking lol. I cant seem to find an answer anywhere its a rather good question isnt it :thinking::sweat_smile:

if you have a vector and haven’t brutalised the end of the outer barrel…

which way does whatever screw onto the end?

Outer, i think? :thinking:. my vector is about 2 weeks old

lol…which way does the thread turn though…

I’m pretty sure the gel ball industry has adopted asofts standards (mostly anyway lol), when it comes to threads etc. Most asoft barrels/silencers/muzzle breaks are -14mm threads known as left handed threads or reverse threads (screw anticlockwise to tighten). Does your barrel or attachments screw clockwise or anticlockwise when you attach it? If it attaches clockwise you could always just get an adapter to change it to a reverse thread.


Vector is rh thread on the silencer outer barrel

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@Jadon_Conroy Leave the barrel alone and put uv leds in the mags. Easy to wire up.
Otherwise if you want a tracer unit go the nt1 hop up with 14ccw thread on the end and built in hop up then get a tracer s unit. This listimg from ebay should provide enough 12v leds to do a few mags


How do you get power to the LED’s? Run it off the battery? Have a battery on the mag? Run it off the contacts on the mag?

Run it off the battery terminals, however what a lot of people do is mount them internal to the blaster where the tpiece is. That way the gels are exposed to the UV light just before being fired, and also you only have to do the modification once. Instead of doing every magazine.
(and not having it on the end of the barrel means it doesn’t screw up your hopup


That’s a bloody good idea, I might see how it plays…

And here is a thread all about it!

Enjoy :grin:

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Any suggestions on how I could go about fitting a UV LED into a Gen 9 t piece?
It’s part of the upper receiver assembly and is removed with it on teardown, so I’m not sure how to go about wiring it… maybe connectors? :thinking:

I run a WI tracer mag now and it’s okay, but a little more intensity would be a hoot. Also want to run tracers with short straight mags, so it’d be good to have the LED somewhere out of the mag.

Was just curious would a Bifrost Tracer Unit fit onto a Muzzletek V2 Hopup System?

Wait no nevermind. Doesn’t look like it. Seems to have its thread recessed and require an extended back end on the suppressor.

Ahhh right thanks for the help