Transplanting LDT HK416 parts to a wells 401

Before all the comments “what the hell would
You do that for” let me explain…

I love my 401 clear receiver shell look and want to reduce my blasters on hand.

I’ve ordered metal parts for
My 401 (buffer tube adaptor, handguard adaptor etc) and will use the metal buffer tube from my 416 on my 401.

What I want to do is also transplant the handguard from my 416 to my 401 but -

  1. Can’t work out how to take it off my 416.
  2. Need to understand how to fit it to my 401.

Anyone have any ideas? Will post pics of the final result when done …

Appreciate any help!

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good luck… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:

I had similar ideas but the 401 is just a totally different setup , even the delta ring set up is slightly different to the newer style. I cut the 2 wings inside the delta ring to fit a metal handguard only to find the ring at other end is smaller size and won’t açcomadate. My 401 is my favourite blaster but I’ve given up trying to change the front end, if you have success let me know.

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