Tri Condenser Plasma Bullpup

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you locked all these items together in a room for a few hours?

I will detail the results as I go… Bwahahahaha :nerd_face:


So that’s why you wanted a P90…

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A cruiser or 4…

A jar of vaso…

and a blaster…

Sounds like a party to me :grimacing: :rofl:


Finally things are starting to come together…

Now I need to play the “how the fuck” game.

As in how the fuck am I going to get that down the driveway, down some stairs and into my workshop…


cruisers and vas!
super duper
(sorry late reply I missed this one)


A pallet truck, an engine hoist and about half a dozen friends?

Where are you located (To find helpers) :thinking:

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If you put some dish washing soap in front of the pallet, 2 or 3 blokes should be able to drag it down to the top of the stairs at least.

If you know anyone with a truck with a palfinger or Fassi arm (crane) on it… it might get it past the steps?

Getting to the end of a gravel driveway is the fun part. Last time I made a little track of yellow tongue flooring sheets and metal pipes to roll it on. Kinda like how they built the pyramids.


Don’t you have any friends? noidea Or are you like me…

Can’t afford them? laughing (1)

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Hire a pallet jack from somewhere like kennards for the driveway part then some timber slats for slide rails down the stairs with manual winch should help. If not just vas up the driveway and push it, push it good :wink:


…push it real good!..


You definitely need more Vaseline or your box aint going no where.

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Look around for a truck with a crane… paying someone to place it might be cheaper than it tumbling down your driveway… laughing (1)

Those crane trucks (like a Palfinger) are amazing things… I used to deliver I beam frames with one for a shed company… we used to rent the truck from Coates.

palfinger crane truck

If you see a truck near you with a crane, ask the driver if he wants to do a ca$hie for you…

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Leave it where it is and build a workshop around it…:rofl:


Try the hire places they have things made for this

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