Trigger Delay Removal

Hi all, first time posting. Just wondering is it possible to remove the delay in the trigger in the HEE 07 ACR? I’ve heard it’s caused by complex wiring but I’m not too sure. Cheers.

I had the same issue bud Pretty shore its the he mosfet mate were the trigger is theres like an electrical delay or something i ended up rewireing the whole thing and replaced the trigger mosfet for a pressure switch and gave it direct power works fine now no problems at all the only thing is i dont have fire mode switch or the charging handle working now but not a big deal put metal gen 8 gears ,metal plunger ,metal tappet plate ,1.4 spring pushing 385fps constant love it

I remember watching a vid that mentioned high torque motor helps with that a lot

You could take some of the travel out of the trigger. They move quite a bit before it engages. Check out the thread on hair trigger.

Im gonna rewire my he acr once i get back to QLD. Were you able to remove the mofset from the bottom of the pistol grip? This is what i am planning to do. Also possibily add metal gears and a new motor. It would be great if you could add pics of what you done to mod your ACR so i can plan my rewiring but i understand if you didnt. If i am successful with rewiring i will upload pics.

Sorry bud no i left the pistol grip mosfet in as i like the idea of having no wires on the gear box when ya take it out still works great with it in though its been that long now i cant remember how i wired it up next time i rip it apart ill take some pics for ya sorry for delay in post haverent had a network