Trigger Guard Weight on Finger

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I’ve been upgrading my hk416d and adding on metal suppressor, metal handguard as well as attachments like optic, QR rail, etc and a lot of these accessories are metal, adding more weight to my blaster.

As I grip the blaster, the trigger guard presses down into my middle finger and it gets really uncomfortable. I don’t know if its the design of the blaster or if it’s a common issue with heavier blasters?
I could remedy this by wearing gloves but how often do you wear them outside of games?
So, wondering if you guys have any tips or solution? I was thinking of maybe adding some padding under the trigger guard but 'd like to hear your suggestions.

I have a friend who has the exact same issue and he wrapped the pistol grip right up to that area with soft camo wrap or you could try a different grip altogether


I was thinking about just putting some bits of sponge and wrapping with electric tape but camo wraps does sound more elegant :grin:
And yea… regarding the pistol grip, I do find the pointy nub on the stock grip also feeling uncomfortable. Think I’ll swap that out too with something like this.

You have to be careful with grips because you may end up having to remove that tab.
The G27 style or similar that have deep finger grooves is what you want.
This is the wrap, it’s not sticky back like tape but still kinda sticks to itself, it’s like stretchy crepe bandage and quite thick, plus you can remove and reinstall it.

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That guard does look rather sharp, I had similar issue but just the grip where it meets the trigger guard, change grips solved that.

My trigger guard has rounded edges. It is also not a HK416. You could shape it with a file and repaint or just try the wrap idea first :+1:

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The G27 grip does look comfortable and ergonomic but I don’t think it’s compatible with the 416’s slot.

Unless I cut off the top bit?

Filing it is a good idea yea. I’ll see if I can smooth out those hard edges :smile:

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