Trigger Question

So I brought a Vector for a project, no wiring needs to be printed, perfect for what I want! I’ve done lots of wiring before so dealing with that stuff isn’t an issue, but what is an issue seems I’m new to gel blasters is this trigger,

I’ve got an easyfet on the way, don’t really care about the firing selection for this blaster cause I’m getting a second kriss vector which will be more modified than this,

I’ve seen a video on hardwiring a vector which I’m tempted to do but I wanna use this easyfet, I think I’m missing something around the trigger area? or do I just have to dremel out to fit a small micro switch so the trigger can hit it? (switch is in the photo)

oh and also, Mag prime, not an option now?

or am I missing this to be able to run the easyfet?


The thing you circled is the switch you have in the first picture

Do you know where I can get the slide trigger/switch from? I haven’t been able to see them anywhere

Jaycar should have them

all of them are a bit too big, and I think all the switches are too strong, I dont think the spring will force it back to off

Ask @zhenduo_gel_blaster the retailer may have one


I think the switch is the same size as the SLR mag prime switch and the last one I got from bigboss but they are out of stock, if you’re desperate you can buy mag prime kits for about $15 in Australia.
Search for mag prime for gel blaster.


I don’t know if I’m blind or they just added that but I almost went to there first and didn’t see it XD

thank you man [=

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