Trigger response, DSG build

Just finished testing my latest build.

DSG with a 32TPA motor, goal is trigger response as in super quick cycling. It’s not designed for high ROF, although 14.8v should still punch out some good numbers.
Still a few minor bugs to sort out but so far so good.


Nice! That looks amaz-aaachoo! Whoops, just friendly fired 2 team mates and a ref. :rofl::rofl:


The resident mad scientist hard at work :grin:

I have a question though. What exactly is that on the rear of the gearbox? Home-made spring retainer setup?

Yeah bud, really just trying to stop the spring buckling or bending.

You have to admire ingenuity.
Those AS guys overseas must look at some of the things gelballers here do to their equipment and shake their heads in amazement.