Trigger response

Could anyone be able to go give me some suggestions for better trigger response before mosfet. Wanting to put in a new core metal trigger

here’s one the board prepared earlier :slight_smile:


Ahh I see should’ve done that from start but I was able to get the metal one cheap ($10) and it looked cool so why not ahah. Practicality would have been better but thanks for that will have to do

personally i have been a slack arse on this front and whilst i want to do it…i need to buy some really fine taps…which is where i’ve been slack.

this one is parked in the knowledge base of when i get around to it…

its a brilliant idea and beautiful execution

Exactly. Doing the taps myself and machining in one is common and I’m used to engineering but don’t have the equipment just atm so Yh I’m in the same boat aha.

Although I did see xforce tactical I think or renegade with a nylon trigger peice for better response but I think it was for gen 8 so not sure if it work for gen 9