Trigger sticks when sooting?

Dont know what the right termanology is but my J10 ACR i have done some upgrades and finally put it back together.

In ‘single shot mode’ it will shoot but the trigger gets stuck and you manually have to push it forward again to make another shot. On automatic mode it just shoots.

Any idea whats going on here?

Couple things spring to mind

Your trigger spring…missing or not fitted properly
Trigger shuttle return spring, same deal
Your wires may be fouling on your trigger

And a third one I ran across recently, wear of the top of the trigger and where it contacts the shuttle.

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I’ve had mine do a similar thing, the trigger spring hit the tappet plate. I just pushed the spring down with a small screw driver and bent it a little bit. You can also try turning the spring over. Fun and games!!

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