Triggers gen8 gen9 V2 compatibility

I’m out and about at the moment so I can’t check, can someone tell me if a JM Gen9 trigger is the same / inter changeable with gen8 OR also a V2 (as in the ACR)?


Dont know if this helps mate.


It is hard to say without actually trying them. I have a SAW that has a gen 8 gearbox… I got a gen 8 trigger, but the box sits higher in the SAW, the SAW trigger is about twice the length from the pivot down… so a gen 8 trigger in the SAW has only about 10mm of trigger down thru the slot (to get your finger on to.

You need to compare your trigger with the pic Iron spear posted… I don’t think they will interchange… looking at Spears picture

i’m going with a qualified yes also

the gen8 / scar v2 looks ALLOT like my ra cnc v2 but in the pics there are two different sizes with the same label and basic design.

i’ve seen that saw length issue in the flesh as well.

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For the nylon gen 8 box I put in the SAW, the long nylon trigger has a cut out right where the switch gets pushed… so I had to glue a bit of plastic to fill the SAW trigger cut out… The cut out is absplutely perfectly placed to be where it needs not to be … DoH!!

gen 8 compatible with V2 boxes… nope gen 9 and acr do but stock gen8 doesn’t engaged properly