Trijicon SRS Red Dot - Replica

Hi all,

Just got myself one of these and wondering if the windage and elevation screws actually connect to anything? I can not see the reddot move when i adjust the screws…anyone else used these? Is it adjustable or just for looks?


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It does move shite but in no way is it stable or accurate! My dot wobbles everywhere!

This is a problem with the cheap Chinese sights, the adjustments are usually pretty crap.
Personally I invested in a slightly more expensive Hawke Optics red dot sight, and its adjustments are fine. You get what you pay for !

Which Hawke optics do you have?

I bought this one on eBay and it is fully adjustable and quite good quality.
I bought a similar one from a AU retailer but it was nowhere near the quality of the eBay one.

How’s the Hawke sight working out, @spectreman?

Well, I dont actually use it anymore.
Got myself a SKWOPTICS scope instead, for about the same cost. I must say it is much nicer than the hawke red dot. Has a better overall adjustment range, with proper adjustment knobs on it, very easy to use. Optics very clear, highly recommend these. Magnification adjustable down to 1.5X which is fine for gel blasters use.

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