Trouble getting Kublai to feed gels

I am in the USA and gel blasters haven’t taken off here yet, so we don’t have any place to go and buy a gel blaster. So I built a Kublai P1 from Aliexpress parts and Monkeemods parts. Let me yell you - it’s not easy figuring out what all you need when there are no tutorials on how to put one of these together and you’ve never seen one before. Anyway, I got it all together and it cycles just fine without any gels in it. But when I load it with gels, the best I can get it to do is maybe load and shoot one, then it just cuts the rest of them in half and jams up. That’s if I dry them with a paper towel. If I put them in wet, it just shoots them all out of the top of the magazine when I release the spring. Does anybody have any pointers?

Sounds like it’s your magazine feed lip. If I remember correctly there was a post here about sanding the feed lip to stop the gel cutting issue. With the gels popping out of the mag when wet it could be the magazine spring is too strong which has been another issue people have come across.

Try searching the forum for magazine lip sanding and magazine spring replacement.

It looks like I found a thread that references some videos on this. Thanks!


Are you also using Ultra Hard Gels? GBB Pistols dont play well with just standard Gels in my experience.

I don’t know. I have two different kind (one from Aliexpress and the other from Walmart). I think one is slightly bigger than the other by the way they act, but it’s not exactly like you can put calipers on them since they are squishy. I did try to squish them in my fingers and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Have you measured your inner barrel diameter and the gels? The gels have to be slightly or smaller than the inner barrel diameter. Try getting a standard 7.5mm barrel since it will fire any type/brands of gels

I haven’t haf tim to mess with it in several days, but the gels that make it out of the magazine appear to launch just fine. The ones that are cut in half get cut at the feed lip. The buttom half of the gel will be in the magazine and the rest will be gone.

Control grow your gels, sounds like you have size variance, if too big will get cut up as you describe on it’s way in. You can measure them with some verniers and some dexterity.
Some take 2.5hrs, some need 4Hrs grow time, depends what gels you are using. Bit of trial and error, clean water helps consistency.
Try aim for around 7.2 diameter, time the soakage and all. It does help, something to try anyway without costing you your last paycheck :+1:


I’ll give it a shot. Thanks. I’ve also heard that you can set them out and let them shrink a bit?

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They will shrink over time left in the open. I haven’t had much luck with old gels though, best results with fresh gels grown to size for your blaster. What gels are you using?

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I have “Splat R Ball” and some un-named Chinese product from Aliexpress.

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