TTI G34 Kublai GBB

Definitely thinking about purchasing both TTI Glock & STI 1911 from Xforce when they finally come out but I have just seen one available through RPM Tech Shop and there asking crazy money just seems like a slide kit on a basic P1 so I’m a bit worried that both pistols from Xforce gonna be big bucks, but after watching the videos on YouTube on the Xforce ones they have custom stippling and accessories which are way more 1 to 1 accurate to the real thing and seem to be of better quality so we’ll see what happens.

1k for a pistol? Do they want your firstborn too?


Sure of it ay Smiley, meanwhile just over $200 for the slide kit and there charging that much

U couls buy a over priced p1 from ebay, get the accessories seperate, and still have left over for reddot and gels and gas =.=

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Azraels armoury ones look better and are about $350 - $400. I know where my $ would go…

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$1k for a P1 with a slide :man_facepalming:t2: “Supply and demand” scalping at its finest. Isn’t this the same shop that had P1/P1s for like $500/$600 when everyone has them for $350?
I highly doubt the 1911 will be more than $450 it’s even mentioned in the xforce video.
I’d rather risk trying to import one 4x than pay that price on P1 with a “slide kit”.

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From RPM facebook
Afternoon blaster peeps!

We got great news on our line of g34 blasters!

After sitting down with all of the paper work for our last deliveries we have found out that we grossly over estimated the duties and costs of landing the g34 blasters!

What does this mean?

We are happy to forward the savings onto the community and now advertise the g34 blasters at $899.

Also the g17 TTI blasters will now be $849.

This will also reflect on our modded p1 and p1s blasters. Starting price will be $799.

For those who only want the g34 uppers we can provide them to the community for $399. The g17 TTI will be $349.

We will be updating our listings on our webpage!

For those who have already purchased the g34 blaster we will get in contact with you to refund the difference.

We do apologise for the mistake and we look forward to providing great service and products to everyone.

As always transport your blasters responsibly and always use/wear protective equipment!!!

Get gelballs deep…

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still seems expensive, but i like how they are willing to admit their mistake and make it right :+1:

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I may be mistaken and you probably best off talking to them, but i thought i saw in a video he did that he hand fits and deburrs the slides to the lowers on them and puts better seals in the mags before sale. Maybe the reason for them being more expensive than other retailers.


Also includes a free service

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for you guys with P1s. RPM tech shop have 30% off on their G34 slides this week. down to 280 which is pretty good since it includes the blow back unit, nozzle, inner and outer barrels and recoil spring.


Had the opportunity to molest one of these all in one slide on upgrades today…nice

Heavy. Sexy. Super clean finish.

Rohan’s skill with the P1 and it’s variants is impressive.


Yes indeed they are very nice slides

Flat out consistently 280’s
Very nice :partying_face::grinning::joy::+1: