TTI STI 5.1 combat master

Hi, does anyone have any info about the tti sti combat master? it looks really cool its great in the ■■■■■■■ world but I was wondering if its any good as a gel blaster

Sorry new to this so I don’t know how to attach a photo

Haven’t heard anything more than the video

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Yer that’s all kinds of tastey


According to blow back industry its going to be around 300

Keen to get one of these and the matching g34 TT slide for the p1

Im more interested in the pencil!!!
And the continental stuff more than this pistol


Really want to know if the TEH ones and the X-Force ones are from the same manufacturer?

The switchblade isn’t in the picture. You can see the indent of the switchblade on the right lol


The knife will be taken out because they’re illegal here in oz


i think that i MUST have this
Prob woukdnt leave the display case

I reckon its ugly. Don’t like the grip, the writing looks cheap and the barrel seems way to long

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The slide from gift boxes pics vs the standalone blaster pics don’t match.

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Maybe it is for people who wish to ‘rub someone out’? noidea rofl winky


Not talking about the difference between g34 vs the 2011 tti? Two different pistols in the John Wick movies.

The gift box shown is an actual pistol, not a GBB. Not sure this will be available to us

$549 each

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TEH reckons they can keep it under 500
I am gonna wait and see what happens there

These look cool. Anyone played with them?

They are down to $499 now. Still too high fo rmy tastes. Especially since TEH and X-Force are both saying low to mid $400’s

Another site with an annoying bullsh*t “xxx from xxxx just purchased a xxx” popup…