Ttm reciever question

Am I right in thinking the wells reciever is a TTM style . It’s the older clear case one .
Just looking to change the handguard.
M4a1 has some that say fits ttm style recievers

Are you talking about the original Well clear receiver? If so, it uses a delta ring to attach the handguard.

The TTM style receiver has a threaded front section which uses a barrel nut to secure the outer barrel, and the handguard then attaches to the nut.

You can get an adapter for the clear Well receiver to change it to a screw front, but it’s not a straightforward mod. I did one quite a while ago, and while it worked, I was never happy with it. Not rigid enough.

Ok thanks for that,
You’ve answered all my other questions there too.

I was looking at handguards for the clear case type but I couldn’t tell from the photos if they would fit , it just said to suit ttm style recievers.
I think I’ll just put the $ towards another blaster

Glad to be of some help.
If you are looking for a nylon blaster, have a look at the Well MRT. For $199, I think it’s pretty good value. Nice solid build. Just be aware you will have to change the o-rings to fix the air leaks.

Yeah I had a play with the MRT and CQB at the store last week.
I was also looking at the STD SLR but leaning towards the well only because I can use my m4 mags in it
So many blasters not enough cash