Turnigy Batteries + charger

Hi guys, just got my first blaster and the batteries that came with it kind of sketch me out.

Given that I would like to keep my house not on fire, I was looking to get something a bit more legitimate.

I’ve read good things about the Turnigy batteries but I’m not sure what specs I need to look out for (C? S?) and how to convert my blaster’s male JST (Wells M4 - unsure if this is the mini JST?) to accept mini Tamiya.

Also, how should I go about charging it? Do turnigy/mini tamiya batteries need any special cables/converters if I want to use a B6/B3?

If anybody could help me out or point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!

You can buy connectors for them or just cutoff the blaster end and put a new mini tamiya connector on it.


Deans all the way. more reliable then tamiya.