Turnigy Battery Care

Im looking to swap out my batteries for a few TURNIGY 11.1V (3S) 1,200MAH. Might need to modify a few bits and bobs for an ACR, Vector2 and G9 M4 see how we go.

But for battery care what’s the deal with these

  • what charger
  • how to store
  • how long to use before it wares down
  • if half uses should it be discharged(?) or charged back up
  • likely need to upgrade some other parts too and motors yeh?

Just got the work bench setup.
Oh and 1st time poster. Hi all ! :slight_smile:

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Only use the lipo charger and charge at 1 amp.
No need to rush.
When u finished using it leave it be.
If u are not going to use it for a few weeks then use the storage charge function on your charger.
Stop using the it as soon as u notice a drop in fire rate.
If its half used just leave it until you need it again then charge before use.

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Thanks! I am looking for a decent charger that can maybe do two or more at a time any suggestions?

CheCk out Hobby king

I picked this up from my local. Programmed it for storage, rapid and normal for both 2S and 3S batteries.

Nice. Good price for a AC charger.
I prefer 12v chargers so I can charge from the car.
I Have a heap of planes boats and cars and there is no AC where I use them.
When at home I use a 350w 30amp 12V meanwell powersupply from my 3D printer as a supply.

some stuff that summarises a couple of others and adds some recent study results.

for absolute best performance and longest life

  1. discharge to storage, balance after use
  2. store @ storage charge and balance
  3. charge to 4.15 not 4.2. this increases your cycle lifespan from ~500 to ~1500
  4. measure your peak blaster current draw. buy batteries with an appropriate C rating. a little higher than required will help the battery last longer. crazy high and you’re just wasting money
  5. choose your battery connector based on the measurement above. again, a little higher is good but beyond that size and money. see all the options in hand before choosing one.

if you have a few batteries you can leverage a para-board. store all your batteries (of the same chemistry and cell count) together balanced. come game day, one charge to rule them all.

do not connect batteries with more then 0.20v per cell difference. it damages the chemistry.

i have nano-tech 1800mah 65-130c 3s flight packs I pulled 48amp out of often and sustained. They are only just starting to fade now.


get a battery checker as well a good one not the cheap ones

I use a genuine B6 charger (not a Chinese Knockoff) … if you see them for under $50 it will be a knock off.

I check the voltage per cell after use… if they are between 3.7v and 4v per cell, I will leave them as they are… if lower, I bring them up to about 3.8v

As for how long they last… if you take care of them (don’t flatten and dont knock them about)… they should last almost indefinitely… I have some that are years old… and some that died far too soon… even some dead on arival… People say only to use known brands… but even known brands can fail for no apparent reason… Luck of the draw really… like all mass produced stuff…

These are handy to check voltage of each cell… and can be connected whilst using… alarm (adjustable) will sound to stop you ‘over draining’ the battery. I use them on all of my RC stuff. They are chaeaper from China, get one from Oz, then buy some from China on the slow boat… will save you losing good batteries from over depleation…

Expert user only​:face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: thanks for the compliment. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Yes I’ve got one of the “genuine original copy” knockoffs from eBay couldn’t argue with $30 and it isn’t come with power supply but got spares so I just soldered the right plug and it was good to go. Love the features it has especially the alarm

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