Two different types of Chihai M150 Motors

Heya guys, I have the two pictured m150 motors, gold and black from Xforce and Orange and black from Alixepress,

I’m running both in a LDX gearbox with stock 18:1 gears. The one from Ali tends to run alot warmer and heats up the battery quite abit more (Xforce 11.1v 1200mah 25c) Other than the RPM differences in the two, is this still safe to run in my LDX box? I’m not too sure on the other spec differences between the two…

I would hazard a guess the Ali one is a fake? How do they compare cost wise? :thinking:

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One from xforce was $70-79 while aliexpress was $50

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I’ve got 2 of gold ones in use and both work flawlessly. Both bought from local stores and paid $75 each.

I thought the gold 1 was the newer super motor m150, they tweaked the specs abit, cant remember if it was the torque or speed they jacked up. ( i ment the orange 1 is the newer 1)

You might be right, i think mine are around 21,000 rpm on 11v. I use them for my 13:1 and 12:1 builds. Great torque and reliability

Thanks for the info, seems like a decent motor then