Two eye-two hand dominant players?

I’ve read threads on left/right eye dominant shootaz. I am predominately right handed, but generally pew-pew with no sights or dots.
I just seem to line that target up from muscle memory and ping a few off…and adjust my flow as i go.
Unless going for super long range, which is a bit blahhhh when long range and accuracy are in the same sentence as gb’s.
But i also pew from a left/right or middle position, especially when using a shorty.
My question here is really, are there any rockclimbers/ or other bangers out there who pew…and use their “middle” f.u. finger as their trigger finger.
I say this because hanging off of 100 meter cliff with only 2 fingers in a small pocket, is relevant to me, because i know the two strongest fingers to hang off in a pocket are your middle two. The f.u. finger and the one next. I find adjusting my grip to use my f.u. finger gives me much better trigger response. (Faster…longer…quicker). It’s got better response/reflex, and has a stronger and more sustainable position.
I can pew for days using my f.u. , but get weary on my index after a few hours. My index then sits nicely on the mag release, which suits me well…push…click…change.
All whilst in a stable hand grip and position.
Usually my right index goes on the mag release, and my f.u. on the trigger. Still a good nice solid hold and grip when you get familiar with it. When i shoot pistilz i like to use a proper grip. Like they instruct on heavy metal sh*t.
But i find that i can line that rabbit up anyway, and get the same results and accuracy using only one hand.EDIT HERE…I mean using a pisil not gnu.
Just throwing some shit out there. Am i alone here?
Anyone else out there using some similar techniques? Ie: f.u trigger finger? Shout out!

I don’t middle finger it beyond sending someone home on the walk of shame but I am a competent ambi Muppet who selects blaster position based on the best needs of the situation at hand

I shoot with the middle finger both eyes open be it a pistol or an AWM with a Schmidt & Bender PM 5–25×56. The theory behind this shooting was greater control, your index finger automatically was pointing at the objective an all you had to do was fine adjustments, especially with pistol and in CQB action. On things such as the AWM, it was just habit and feel, you had greater control on the trigger because your middle finger is generally longer and you get a more sustained trigger action and follow through when ten the action fires. Index finger people tend to jerk squeeze the action and release to quick with a poor result requiring more work to get their skillset right. Two eyes open was necessary with the advent of the monocular Night Aid Device System (NADS) as we Australians called them. From my SLR days, I was always told not to squint or close my other eye, it was so I could see other activity going on peripherally around me and I guess that pretty much is still the reason now. That’s my take on what I learnt in 1989 at the Army School of bangy things.


Definitely a two eye guy


No these days I’m what they call a four eyed grumpy ol bugger LoL


see speedsofters using fu finger

My triggers are so twitchy there’s no need to yank of it

The trigger that is for all you sickos in here

I’ve been a lefty all my life so was pretty much forced to learn how to be ambi since most things in life are not left hand friendly. Keep both eyes when shooting too. I use my pinky and ring finger to primarily grip with my index finger as an “aiming?” Finger until I actually choose to shoot if that makes sense. I don’t use the f u finger for much of anything.

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You don’t even use you fu finger for expressing yourself?

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That’s what I leave the headshots for :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. But not even that really. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s easier to just roll my eyes and walk off :joy:


Definitely middle finger. Better control, strength and endurance (as you mention ask any free climber lol).

Two eyes open.

Great questions.

Take care.
“Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here. This is the war room.” - President Merkin Muffley (Peter Sellers), Dr. Strangelove


Yeaah…120+ odd meter free solo…gentle grade 12, “The bard”, Mount Arapiles. Doesn’t get much better, or more free. I love to look down. Embrace the exposure and fear and use it as a strength. But I’m too old to climb anything over 10 meters without gear these days.
A big F.U. finger to god there for my broken body(and brain).
Well the body’s my fault. The brain loss I blame on gelblasting, but I’m still going to use my big F.U. finger.

I’m sure we’re not building anything beefy enough or produce brain damage

Admit it …your just old, soggy and sawft


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Yep…hence the brain damage.
I’ve lost a few screws here and there too.
Semi old yes. If i was soggy I’d still be climbing and caving, and I’m generally just more bruised and battered than sawft.
But i still have all my gear. I’ll take you up anyday m8. Say the word.
Whats your local. And prepare for a sandbagging.
This is me holding onto a cliff :fu: :fu:
A double handed tenuous hold, but solid none the less. :joy: :rofl:

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I stopped climbing when I removed one of my thumbs

Being ambi has only served to highlight how disabled the rest of you dominant sided people are.

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Why would you want to remove one of your precious thumbs. Was ya drunk when you made that decision.

Pre coffee

Woke up one morning and thought…hardcore, let’s try amputation

Don’t over think it…


Oh…I think they prefer being called people…and or women…or whatever “it” is your fingering.
And shame…shame…shame…zeHame for the forced walk of shame. Especially after some “digital input”.

A song by the brother of “Weird al Yankovic”.

Its not easy being green.

Now that’s truly ambi!

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im used to nerf blaster as a kid and i can barrel aim in both hands but when i use my middle finger to spam single shot. and i can keep my middle on trigger and pointer on mag release for a miniscule faster reload.

my middle finger feels like it has more weight and control

Fu finger is your dominant finger, stronger and most sensation from touch.

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