Ultimate M4 "Balls Deep" build

Item: M4 Metal Gel blaster
Price $1400 (think it’s high add the parts cost.)
Description: Brand new full metal gel blaster
Location: Murray Bridge
New or Used: New
Condition: Perfect

My Ultimate balls to the wall build. The parts list speaks for itself. Every part is high quality, durable and looks fucking sweet.

External Mods.
Full metal AEG Soft Air ‘gel blaster’ receiver trimmed to fit.
Metal RIS RAS 12 inch handguard with barrel stablizer
Kublai SAI 14 inch outer barrel
Epsilon muzzle or 19mm Full Metal silencer
13mm Rizer hopup
nylon m16 buttstock (the good one)
DD front and rear sights

Internal Mods
MK v2 Gearbox
M160 motor (very high torque)
Tactical CNC trigger
SHS one piece cylinder and head
SHS 18.1 gears shimmed
SHS piston
SHS nozzle
Lonex hardened carbon steel bushes
SHS metal spring guide
SHS anti reverse lever
SHS selector plate
SHS sector delay
SHS upgraded springs and levers
Perun v2 mosfet
Bruisemaster 400mm 7.2mm stainless inner barrel
Bruisemaster MK t-piece
M130 spring
xt-60 connector / Deans adaptor
3000MAH turnigy blue x 2
Imax B6 charger
drum mag
3 x gen 9 magazines

Pictures: TBA


Range of accuracy?

waiting on a few more parts. 350fps wouldn’t be far fetched with 1.4mm, expecting M120 to produce 400fps. Will chrono when I get the SHS motor installed.
Looking at expressions of interest as last one sold in 24hrs.

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Would love to see a picture please mate.


Yeah need pics or didn’t happen :rofl:

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So February rolls around and I’m still waiting on parts. It’s the little things that really fuck me off, like waiting on shims cause I’ve only got .1mm and I need 1.4mm worth for each. 14 shims per gear is just stupid. Or finding I needed a fb t piece and an mk one is fine but I don’t want a tightbore so no mk t piece

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