UMP45 Gel Feeding Issue

Hi guys, so i bought my UMP45, upgrade with metal gears, fighting bro barrels and s460 chihai black and red motor high torque high speed, ROF can reach 20! Everything is nice except:

GEL FEEDS! (After 4-5 shots, gels wont come out unless i release the mag, let some gels out and put it back)

So i heard many of our local users have this problem, most dont have a clue how to fix it. I’ve already put a delayer inside but still the problem persist.

So i’m wondering if any of you have UMP45 know how to solve this, I’d be very appreciate it. UMP45 is my most favourite SMG, so i really hope for your assistance. :(

Hi and welcome.
What is the barrel id and what type and diameter gels are you using ?

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Is the mag motor feeding constantly? Check the magazine motor by connecting a battery directly to the mag pickups.

Make sure the springs that make the contacts are clean and in the correct place to make good contact with the mag terminals…

Im using milkies, barrel 7mm fighting bro

So are you stopping you gels from getting bigger than 6.9 to 7mm max ?
This in itself can cause feed issues because some mags don’t like feeding gels that small and they can get caught up in the t piece or if they are too big for the 7mm barrel they can also be getting jammed

Dont forget ump 45 mag terminals are back to front with other blasters. Positive and negative are flipped on the ump45

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hey mate its AOE the angle of engagment

Im thinking the barrel ID is too small for the gels you are using. Do you have a set of digital verniers to check the size of the gels?

I run a 7.5ID barrel in mine and it runs flawlessly, the new AusGel Milkies run around the 7.2-7.4 size and work perfectly.

How Im thinking is your getting oversize gels stopping the flow of gels into the barrel, so when you pull the mag and the “oversize” gel/s drop out you can then run for a bit till you get another oversize one.

Grab a 7.5 barrel with a fitted T piece and take the half an hour to change it over and see if that works, if not you have blown $10-$20 bucks, but if it works then you have a working blaster.