UMP45 Pack - Deal or No Deal?

I have a chance a buying this UMP45 Pack soon.
For Fathers day…

The UMP45 features a nylon shell, a nylon gen 8 gearbox built in with alloy inner and outer barrel. This version comes with a metal handguard with HK UMP45 cut out into the metal. This model has a mock priming handle, a working safety and full automatic fire. The combo includes the blaster, an extra magazine, plastic picatinny rails, a Foregrip, a suppressor, a reflex sight, a torch & laser combo, 50k gel balls and a hard carry case.


Is this a good deal??

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“for fathers day” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes it is for fathers day.
Its great when you can tell your children what they have to buy you for fathers day.

Its from Tac Edge. They have 20% off for fathers day. Original price is $355.

I dont have a UMP in my collection yet lol


It sounds like a pretty good deal… a basic UMP costs around $190 complete ready to shoot, with one mag

So, getting the extra mag and the metal outer barrel and bits would maybe take you up to around that price?

Maybe you could just get it and make your kids feel so bad, they just have to coff up? :grin:

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that’s a steal but before buying that have you seen the ump45 Gorky shell? they look mad

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No I havent seen that???
Do you mean the MP5??

bah bro it’s just called a Gorky shell I think renegade mite still have some their a different design to the other unp45 and looks awesome

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