Unidentified issue with v2 split metal gearbox

So as title indicates pretty upset with this GBF Split Metal Gearbox with Mosfet for Gel Blasters sold to me by FTB GADGETS & COLLECTABLES AKA UAVME installed it wasn’t a issue, the instruction booklet for the mosfet pfft qr code went no where had to spend about a hour you tubing to find a decent video about how to program it not to mention every video on YouTube reviewing this box was bullsh&t they don’t have 13-1 gears just you run of the mill metal 18-1 gears would of thought they have some BGGR heads to go with the mosfet but nope, now the main issue which has resulted in the box becoming useless

So after 1 magazine it stopped firing and was continually beeping so I split my receiver to find myself dodging a spring and metal spring retainer to the face after it has broken through the softest metal I’ll ever seen in my life with only the m85 spring supplied and fitted in the box has gave this gearbox what looks like a new rear end so now the spring retainer no longer sits inside the gearbox at all and this was fitted with my butt stock bolt near the tip of the spring retainer so pretty upset with the fact that this metal pieces that came off the rear of it the length of half a match stick could be snapped Inhalf ilwith just my finger strength so I’ve emailed FTB AKA UAVME about the issue and the SAID warranty as I only purchased this 2 weeks ago and this happened when I was testing the blaster in my backyard glad I didn’t invest a days game play with this junk. I’ll post some pics shortly but I highly doubt with the lack of contact that my issue will be rectified let along replied too. Save yourself the coin and headache and get a ldx advance box or a proper metal box like the retroarms or something as this $320 box is nothing more then a cheap ldx basic rip off painted gold

I can’t see where it’s broken.

same…can’t see what / where the issue is.

have you received any sort of response from the vendor??

purchased off the website or elsewhere?

more closeups!

Those pics are from the suppliers website I believe.
Aren’t the LDX boxes cheaper too?

Edit: just had a quick look and the LDX red is $280 at X-force.

so you opened it and a spring went flying. Never heard of a GBF gearbox . Contact your retailer you paid money too.

I’m not seeing where it’s broken… as for the spring flying out, you are meant to remove them before opening the box. That’s purely user error.

UAVME have a shop in Hillcrest near Browns Plains. If you live near there then pop in and they will fix you up on the spot. Otherwise give them a ring. They have always been honest with me during the past 6 months I have been buying stuff off them.

From their website: Hillcrest sales/ shop line (07) 3053 9370
Shop 2, 2-6 Central Court Hillcrest, 4118

A pic would be handy, the only damage I’ve seen from the gbf/ldx gear boxes is ppl going fucking nuts on the buffer tube bolt and pulling the spring retainer out of the box

Those pics where just the ones off the sellers website for reference this is the pic of my gearbox and the damage that happened under normal use in under 1 magazine I have 12 blasters and built a fair few so that rules out user error its just poor quality mixed cast and I’m in Melbourne atm I also have a holiday house in qld but that’s irrelevant they sent it to me in melb and I do see how a faulty and poor manufactured product warrants me in spending more money for postage or also regardless where I live

Definitely a cast box not CNC billet

Looks like the last 1 I saw to tight on the buffer tube, pulled the the back out the box and been munted from continuing to move while being fired.

I’m sorry to see this, the money, the inconvenience, the run around, the smudge on the scene, all it.

When I first saw this Gear Box advertised I winced, I did, generalising here, but when a manufacturer from that part of the World incorrectly describes specs on a ten buck piston head then for the life of me I can’t see why they wouldn’t stoop to do the same with these or another.

A fierce Retroarms Split Box owner here, bombproof, and honest, that’s the part that I bought into, I couldn’t have it any other way. I hope all works out for you and a replacement comes about and you have better a outcome next time.


Still no response and there was no over tightening on the buffer tube bolt as I have a tactical folding stock so no chance there of it over tightening n ripping through the rear of the box

Shouldn’t be able to do that from buffer tube screw it should strip the thread first that cast is just a very poor metal quality

Pulling through from the buffer tube is something we’ve seen before so it’s definitely possible

Sorry to hear that. Also, just saying it would be useful if you used more commas and periods in your posts. It makes them much easier to read.

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