Unknown part received in order. Please id for me?

Hey guys. Need help. Can someone id this for me? Was in an order I received. I didnt order it and an can’t find it on the site

image image image

They are metal, and the button on the side makes the bit at the too move up and down. Guessing from the glock symbol on the side its for a gbbp?

Is it the shell eject mechanism?

Some sort of secondary safety while it travels maybe? Did you contact the people who
Sent it to you?

I know what that is. PM me.

Looks like a full auto switch for a p1


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Clue the curious Muppets in eh

Honestly hand it in at the local police station and tell them it was mistakenly put in your order.

This should not be in Australia


Well damn… that’s one hell of a mistake to make.

As has been stated. It looks very much like a giggle switch for a Glock. Not something to be messing with if it is.

Drill a hole in it.
Boom , keyring…


Right. I’ll destroy them when i get home from work.

Like this hobby way too much jeopardise it in any way


Throw one in this (I’m not Mr popo so plz don’t raid me) and it would be fun. But super naughty and do not collect $200 type stuff.

Did they send that to you as a freebie or did they replaced something you ordered and paid for, for this illegal part?

Well it’s been just over a year since this happened:

The fine was $13,500. So probably not a bad idea to turn it in to the police, or destroy it and make sure you have evidence as such.

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its the full auto switch for a kublai p1


have a look at the p1 on x force tactical website. they also used to sell them separetly. no different to a shark full auto or black hornet.

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Well I’ll be damned! So they do:

Should someone tell them this is compatible with a real Glock and hence very much illegal?

it has nothing to do with a real glock as their trigger mech is different.

How would you tell the difference in that case? It looks identical to this to layman old me.