Unknown spring part?

Hey all,
What’s this spring? It fell out of an LDT War Interest gearbox.


I don’t know, but it’s flipping you the bird!

… and now you’ll never be able to unsee that… :rofl:


@tajanator How small is it? From the picture it looks like a staple that’s been bent into that shape

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It’s not a retention clip from one of the receiver pins, is it?
It looks just like the one from one of my AS receivers.

Don’t know how it would have got inside the gearbox though :thinking:


Hahaha you’re not wrong!

Probably about a centimeter in height

Yeah it’s bizarre, recently the blaster has also been locked in full auto, with the semi not working and the resistance to the trigger added by the safety is super easily overcome by pressing on the trigger. Not sure if that’s related though.

So, did it come off one of the receiver pins?

Since you posted this in the HK416 section, I presume that’s what the blaster is. Doesn’t one of the receiver pins in those stay in the receiver when you push it out?

It’s belong here