Unusual pinion gear wear

Hmmm looking for opinions on what may be causing this wear on these two pinion gears.

Back ground.
Received new pinion gears.
Fitted to motor, tested in blaster and was a bit screechy.
Pulled motor out and noticed wear on pinion top.
Pulled gearbox down, re shimmed whole box and did bevel to pinion height.
Re test, sounds a lot better. Check pinion and wear is worse :man_facepalming:t4:.

Now the motor is a baby frankentorque and will rip your fingers off no problems. I can feel it’s twisting in the grip as I fire. There’s room in the grip for it to twist.
Now I have the daddy frankentorque in the dsg but the motor in the grip is quite tight, pinion is fine.

So do you think the twisting is throwing the bevel to pinion out and somehow causing that unusual wear?

Could it be the grip to box alignment?

Hmmm maybe, I have used this gearbox, grip and receiver in another setup and had no issues.
Plus I shave down the grip so there’s at least a .5mm gap between the grip and receiver.

Is there a way to check without the fancy tool?

I tape the box with some painters tape and mark the grip and receiver lines

They ideally should be the se line but parallel is good too.

That said, having used the bits in another build without issue would suggest maybe not

Could it be the pitch of the pinion not being quite right for the bevel?

I’m sure you’re all over that too

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Geez I’m too rough, I just get a blade and cut the lines in :grin:


Yeah I’ll try another brand pinion gear and see what happens.

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sent dodgy pinion gears that the angle of the teeth are not same as bevel gear. Appear that pinion has less angle so only tops are touching. guessing

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Possibly the pinion depth is too far up on the bevel it should no go further the where the taper on the bevel finishes and goes flat or maybe the anti reverse latch is too long and touching it ?


3 types of hardened pinion gears. SHS are not as tall as the other 2.

Different teeth patterns as well

SHS solo


The other thing that causes the motor to twist in the grip is that on a lot of grips the adjustment screw needs to be screwed in to far to get the correct pinion height.
The motor end bell needs to be fully held by the grip base so you may need to back the adjustment screw off until the end bell is fully seated in it then move the pinion out along the shaft further to get the correct pinion to bevel height, I allways 609 loc-tite the pinion on the shaft aswell.


Pinion height is good, I will check that anti reverse latch now though :+1:t4:

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:+1:t4: I got these horrible ones from tac toys once they were larger than normal. Pain in the arse they were lol