Upcoming new blasters from Aus Vendors

A collection of blasters that are awaiting arrival and thus do not have current stock. Any listed prices assume not final.

Su Jin CZ805 BREN

JY SVD (currently only in stock at ihobby)


Le Hui SIG 552


Jin Jian M249 Para

RX AK 102



Wrong place to post advertising of sales in Australia, all these have been covered as under the topic heading.


@Spartan19 they aren’t relevant as they are yet to arrive in Aus though? or is a picture of each ok?

Just trying to help make everyone aware of any blasters yet to arrive.


Maybe I research too much :sweat_smile: I’ve found the SVD at ihobby but haven’t found the others up anywhere else yet.

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I get your idea, but the original post is for reviews of blasters not released yet, most are pre-production, some don’t make it others do. Your post was for and Aussie supplier who has no stock yet so would have been better placed in the Vendor category as a general post but also let people know that currently, he is waiting for stock. It is a commendable effort to see that you found someone who may be able to get these blasters as the reviews on some were great. I hope he does get them.


Ahhh ok completely understand now thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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If I can’t go to a physical place and hold it in my hand…I’m not buying and/or buying into it.

Just saying…


Yeah me either @RicardoV

All good mate, we all learn somewhere. :upside_down_face:

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So in this thread I can post any new blasters I find that are awaiting stock to arrive correct from any vendor?

@Spartan19 are you able to create a sub category for ‘Lord of War’ as I see they don’t have a vendor thread yet.

That is up to all the moderators and the Vendor as well. If they want to be part of the group on the vendor site here. For now I guess you can add here if you see them and they are not available yet. Just make sure you do advise that so people are aware.

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I see OP Force Delta have the CZ805 listed for $270, I wonder what final price will be.

Johnnie from WAT was teasing the Sig MCX coming soon on the WeChat group.
No further details.


For real? The licenced sig?

Don’t know about licensed or not as no information except shipping mid April.

LDT SAW being teased today too

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Ooh i had a nerf with worker mcx stuff on it.

This and the 552 looking good.

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Bring back the M8.

@Arty_Marty @zeHamish


Damn I actually like the look of that one!

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that does have a really nice finish on it