Upgrade Kits. Which ones are worth it

This one looks solid but there are some pretty mixed reviews. Has anyone got some experience with these?

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Some are ok, but be careful with the cheaper gear sets! I like SHS gears. They seems to be the go at about $40. You could put your own kit together for around $100 with better parts than you’d get in the online kits. That being said I’ve had success with some cheap kits but I’ve also had problems. If you put your own together you can get exactly what you want


So probably better to get something sort of like this then?


buy the individuals parts, you will have more control on what parts you’ll get, (some parts are graet like shs and some are not great)

ask around for what brands to get (wouldnt recomment getting a kit)

As long as the parts a genuine that is an excellent value kit :+1:

Is renegadeblasters a good store? It never even crossed my mind that they might sell fakes

That looks like a reasonable kit, a good place to start.