Upgrade Parts Compatibility

I remember seeing somewhere that Gen 8 metal gears are compatible with the weird arse Punisher V2 gearboxes.

How far does that compatibility go with these things? Are the rest of the parts like cyl head, piston head etc compatible too? I dovknow the nozzles are different, 6mm in the Punishers, I believe. :thinking:

So far judging fron all the wrong parts I brought…

The nozzle is different, hole is smaller and it’s shorter, and won’t work with gen8/9 tappet plate.

The cylinders head is different, nozzle rod is shorter, but the locating hole seems to fit (at least on the blue FB v2 one I got?).

Piston seems different, the side guide rails guide lines are smaller/tighter size, will not work with gen8/9 box, rest seems ok.

Gears I think are universal between gen8/9 and v2 based boxes o.o? At least the SHS gears listed as v2 compatible works in my gen9 clear

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Yeah… buyer’s regret with this blaster…

Looks cool but a bit quirky and individual. Ah well, live and learn :wink:

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